Fiberoptic/Microwave Backhaul

Building a backhaul that can stand the test of time

It is projected that wireless data traffic will grow by roughly 50% annually into 2030. The rapid pace of growth suggests as a mobile operation, you are going to need to expand your capacity. A project that includes building or modernizing your backhaul.

Ascend Wireless, an end-to-end solution provider, offers a full range of wireless and wired backhaul solutions that are expertly suited to meet your bandwidth requirement and budget.

At Ascend Wireless, we look towards the future as we manufacture the next generation of microwave antennas. These innovative products have more resilience against interference, deliver greater spectrum reuse, and are economical in lowering costs. Moreover, our team of top engineering professionals are trained to successfully plan, manage, and deploy your wireless backhaul solution.

When conditions such as weather, land topography, distances or bandwidth favor a wired backhaul, you can depend on Ascend Wireless. We offer a full range of innovative fiber connectivity solutions conducive to a network infrastructure that has more speed and flexibility at a fraction of the price.

Our clients take advantage of today’s intelligent deployment strategies that are outfitted with smaller and lighter cables. This makes fiber backhaul a smart investment of higher performance (all the capacity you need for years to come) with a lower total cost of ownership (TOC).

Microwave Backhaul: Ascend Wireless is proud to offer high-performance antennas that improve spectrum efficiency. Our broad portfolio of microwave antenna solutions covers all industry applications. Ascend Wireless is a worldwide trusted partner for microwave infrastructure.

  • Enhanced protection from link interference
  • Reduced tower weight and wind loading
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs
  • Survivability and optimal link availability in the harshest environments

Ascend Wireless has built a reputation on years of expertise and professionalism. We are known for our innovation and high standards, a guarantee that we can deliver the microwave antenna that is perfect for your application. Whether long or short links, mild or extreme environments, we are equipped to handle diverse pattern needs with the optimal solution for you. Let us unleash the potential of your network.

Your network- at the speed of light

In today’s mobile landscape, data traffic continues to grow exponentially. Therefore, mobile operators are densifying network to support and expand capacity. Backhaul networks are being build using dedicated, direct fiber connectivity. This is a trend that is evolving to keep pace with the demand for gigabits-per-second transmission capacity.

Ascend Wireless offers a complete, end-to-end RAN solution for the mobile network operators looking to keep pace with changing network demands. We enable you to have the tools to build robust, sustainable network infrastructure. An infrastructure that helps your business to reach revenue objectives faster. Our clients appreciate our fiber connectivity solution which are designed for maximum flexibility, incorporating plug-and-play, and add-as-you-grow modular technology. These features simplify ordering and deployment thus reducing total cost of ownership (TOC).