Ascend Wireless knows what is important to you when it comes the tower collocation process: speed-to-market. Our process is designed with that goal in mind supported by strategic locations throughout the continental US, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Island, Canada, and Australia. All of our towers are able to handle a high load of customers. We want to exceed your expectations with speed-to-market needs, our mission is to get you on air as quickly as possible.

Our Process

Ascend Wireless strives for a collocation process that is fast and simple. We excel in supporting service providers in meeting their on-air dates.

The way our process works:

  1. Collocation application review and processing
  2. License agreement drafting, production, and signature
  3. Notice to Proceed (NTP) issuance and installation
  4. Site completed

Ascend Wireless has a reputation in the industry for doing things well. If you choose us to assist you with the task of deploying a new telecom site, we will do it proficiently and quickly. We have the years of experience to prove it. One of the more arduous steps of the new site build process is zoning and permitting. Ascend Wireless knows the ins and outs of zoning. It has been over 20 years since we deployed and constructed one of the inaugural Sprint Spectrum, LP telecommunications sites in the nation. Our pioneering knowledge, decades of professional expertise, and superior capabilities work hard for our clients.

Ascend Wireless owns a full portfolio of telecom towers across the Midwest region. Furthermore, we can help you secure space on other towers and rooftops as well. From the beginning, we placed an importance on building relationships with all of the major tower companies and carriers in America. We leverage the strength of those relationships to further our clients’ collocation needs every day.

While we are adept at providing assistance with traditional site collocations, we draw from our extensive experience to acquire prime rooftop space at the most competitive lease terms and prices for our clients. Ascend Wireless has a solid team of professionals with dedication to building up and advocating for you, from inception to the end of your project.

Have you considered that your rooftop can be a passive source of income, a revenue stream that has no effect on your usable space? Ascend Wireless offers rooftop management as a great value-add service to owners of commercial property. We are experts in rooftop lease negotiations with terms amendable to both parties, an advantage that helps you secure a profitable investment. We can oversee and manage your rooftop investment short or long term, with the goal to provide oversight and streamline the collocation process. We guarantee success throughout the whole process from tenant acquisition through lease execution and long-term site management.