Professional Services

Ascend Wireless is an industry leader, an expert in the management of construction and development of wireless communications sites for a diverse array of clients. Our expertise comes from involvement in some of the largest wireless communications projects in the country. Ascend Wireless staff is fluent in all aspects of the wireless site development process.

We guide our clients through the entire process from necessary zoning to building permit approvals, the steps before we take over construction management. Ascend Wireless is your best partner in this phase of development. We will effectively manage all aspects of construction from initial mobilization to close out.

We take pride in a smooth construction schedule, a result of our extensive expertise in site construction management and extraordinary attention to detail. Ascend Wireless gives our clients the tools to meet or exceed demanding on-air times for even the most complex projects.

The combination of Ascend Wireless’ management experience in construction of hundreds of communication sites and deep roots in the wireless industry has resulted in a time-proven four-step process for completing a wireless communication site construction:

1.) Design

The Most Important Step to a Successful Wireless Deployment

The key to a wireless network that has the desired coverage and performance is to completely understand the RF environment into which the network is being deployed. This requires a properly executed site survey and design. The site survey and design are subjected to up-front planning and documentation, important elements that facilitate a smooth and successful network implementation.

A well-executed site survey and design can plan for a network that supports the coverage needed, capacity for the number of devices to be supported, data rates for high bandwidth applications, seamless roaming, QoS and more.


  • Provide accurate information on the number of access points needed.
  • Provide accurate information for access point locations.
  • Provide detailed coverage maps.
  • Provide detailed data rates.
  • Identify sources and locations of interference.
  • Discover, and locate, rogue access points.
  • Plan for a room, a building or a campus.
  • Plan for outdoor coverage.
  • Reveal coverage voids in existing deployments.
  • Identify and classify neighboring networks and channel usage.

2.) Permitting

The development of a telecommunication site requires a multitude of factors to be in line. The first factor is a well-selected location that meets the client’s technical criteria as well as compliance with local zoning and permitting requirements. One of our greatest strengths at Ascend Wireless is the capability to obtain governmental zoning approvals for telecom sites in difficult jurisdictions.

We have found that every jurisdiction has a special set of processes and procedures. While our competitors at times are not successful in obtaining these approvals, our depth of experience in the industry has enabled us to gain knowledge about various processes and procedures. Even when faced with the most difficult zoning jurisdictions, we specialize in moving each site through in a timely manner. Our work at Ascend Wireless is rooted in our dedication to staying on schedule and commitment to strict attention to detail. A powerful combination that produces excellent work for our clients.

As our client, you are in capable hands with Ascend Wireless, a business that is adept at streamlining even the most difficult and highly-variable element of the site development process.