Our Services

Driven by the pace of business and technology, our customers demand ubiquitous accessibility of wireless networks which gives us an increasing challenge for wireless data to be available anytime in any place. In order, for urgently needed wireless capacity to be deployed it requires the deployment of more wireless network equipment positioned closer to the users.

Ascend Wireless Networks is a company built to address the intricate wireless network. We are experts at the micro cellular network, a heterogeneous network made up of small cells and indoor/outdoor DAS, as well as the towers and rooftop sites that make up the macro cellular network.

We are on a mission to exceed the challenges of moving beyond the tower and embedding the network closer to the user in an efficient manner. The company is a single source to Design and Build network elements which give our customers the freedom to place network capacity anywhere. Ascend Wireless Networks is proud to offer innovative methodologies and in-house Design, Construction, Management and Optimization disciplines.

Ascend Wireless Networks has a far reach across the country and in Canada with the ability to Design and Build network all over North America.Depending on customer preferences, we use raw land, existing structure “build-outs,” tower, rooftop and stealth. We are also continuing to provide excellence at using small cells and DAS sites to be completed fully “turnkey” or modular.

  • Design/Build Services – We will oversee the entire design and building process, the most important step is successful wireless deployment.
  • Professional Services – A variety of professional services necessary for a complete telecommunication tower management solution that works for the client’s business objectives.
  • Construction Services – We effectively manage all aspects of construction from the first permit to presenting you with a completed turnkey wireless telecom site.
  • Technical Services – Our team of technical experts has the knowledge to make sure the latest wireless technologies are adapted efficiently.