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We Find a Way – We Head into the Storm – We Enjoy a Herd Mentality – We Protect the Herd – We’re Always Moving

Since 2013

Business with a Greater Purpose.

Founded in 2013, Ascend Wireless Networks is a Communications Infrastructure Contractor built to address the intricacies of the Wireless World. We are your source to design, manage, construct and optimize your network builds. By designing, building and implementing network elements for our wireless carriers, we provide our customers the freedom to place network capacity anywhere.

We specialize in new builds, COLO, MODs, raw land, existing structure, “build-outs,” tower, rooftop, DAS, microwave & more. We are a Communications Infrastructure Contractor, General Contractor & Electrical Contractor. We are also honored to be approved as a local, state and Federal contractor. At Ascend, it’s not business, it’s personal.

We are a company that puts our employees first, bringing dignity to the blue-collar worker, to the men and women of our industry and beyond. To love one another.

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741 Garden Commerce Parkway.
Winter Garden, FL. 34787

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Will Grindle

Chief Executive Officer
C: 205-767-8591

Don Bailey

Vice President of Operations
C: 704-691-9783

Kristen Beyer

Director Business Development
C: 321-262-4599

Cathejo McCollum

Human Resources Manager
C: 941-524-8563

Lindsey Turner

Project Coordinator
C: 404-314-8310

Veronica Carmean

Director of Real Estate
C: 407-451-0474

Chris Grindle

Director of Technology
C: 205.914.9893

Elyssa Stimmel

Lead Recruiter
C: 321-525-5301



161 Bain Dr. Suite B La Vergne, TN 37086

Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE)

At ASCEND, our focus is Health, Safety and Environmental. From the mental-health and well-being of our employees and subcontractors to the environmental impact upon our crews and wildlife, it all matters to get the job done right. Preventing work-related injuries, illness and accidents takes priority over schedule, cost and productivity. Putting our people and the environment first, HSE is also about how our work environment and conditions affects employees and their health. Mix that in with a “leave-no-trace-behind” mindset, and we do our best to leave sites the way we found them. ASCEND is committed to providing the necessary training, materials, resources and most importantly time, to ensure the safety and jobs of our team. Our subcontractors are vetted and part of our family. Following the strictest guidelines, standards and procedures this ensures we at ASCEND can deliver on time with no accidents or injuries.


Our Director of Safety has over 20 years of safety instruction, and before that was a Firefighter EMT for an additional 5 years. Every 2 years our employees are certified and in addition do quarterly safety awareness weeks to make sure our teams are current on all safety practices. We also teach annual rescue every two years to ensure everyone goes home at the end of the day.

Risk Management

Risk management and safety training are crucial to the success of our people and industry. At ASCEND we are proactive with our safety protocols. all our crews are required to be OSHA 30 certified.


Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment screening, background checks and Drivers License checks are mandatory at ASCEND. Employees and subcontractors are handed an ASCEND Employee Handbook.

Zero Tolerance

Illegal drug and abuse of alcohol are strictly prohibited at ASCEND for the safety of all employees and subcontractors. We are dedicated to a safe and substance-free work environment.


Our Scrappin’ For Water Campaign is here to help raise $180,000.00 for unreached communities with neverthirst.org. One of our core values at ASCEND is “generosity” and we are striving to be a company that leads with generosity and inviting others to come along side of us. For 2023 ASCEND will be giving all our scrap money away to bring clean water to communities that don’t have the resources for clean water. Providing a healthier quality of life and changing future generations by eliminating the diseases that are caused from poor water quality. To our industry, our company and to our clients, partners and vendors, we challenge you to join us in this mission. Please share this message and join us as we help spread the light of the Gospel.