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From mobile phones to the networks of the future, towers are an extremely reputable kind of communications infrastructure. Servicing thousands of towers, we work with you to meet your goals. At ASCEND we are known for our commitment, expertise, quality and much more. From deliverables, project management skills, return trips, punch free sites and honest quoting, we are here to serve you.

Small Cells

Small cells are subtle, fiber-connected antennas, moving large amounts of data delivered at high-speed. They are generally mounted upon structures such as sides of buildings, poles or streetlights.


DAS (Distributed Antenna System)

We can set up a DAS to send your wireless signals throughout a mapped out area, i.g.: Mall, Hotel, Sports Stadium, Office Building.

Private LTE

Have your own network that is specifically run for your organization such as a distribution center, police department, factory and more. Only authorized personnel will have access to your Private LTE network.



We build out and install Wi-Fi, monitoring and maintaining Wi-Fi systems from local municipalities to government agencies.


Fixed wireless

FWA technology uses radio waves or other wireless link to send signal between two or more wireless communications devices or systems over a wide area.


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